Monkey Rocker™

Lightweight and
compact (25 lbs)
means it's easy
to carry and store

No electricity or
complicated setup

Completely silent
ensuring privacy

Thrusting controlled
entirely by you

You can easily
vary the sensation

to bring yourself to
orgasm as quickly or
slowly as you like

Perfect for anal play
because it's so easy
to control. No worry
about unwanted pain
or health risks

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One of the big advantages of Monkey Rocker™ is that you get to choose how this partner is endowed. You have a wide range of choices for your plundering pleasure.

Your Monkey Rocker™ ships with a removable Vac-U-Lock® plug to attach any Vac-U-Lock® dildo.

Also included are small, medium and large rubber O-rings which allow mounting of almost any flared base dildo. High quality silicone toys are usually available in a flared base style for use with harnesses. They work great with Monkey Rocker.™

Variety is the spice of life, and you shouldn't be limited in your choice of sex toys. Whether it's the look of a certain dildo, the size, or the feel, or the fact that you've already developed a great relationship with it, you should play with the toys you like. Monkey Rocker makes it easy to incorporate old and new friends alike into your sex and fantasy life.

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