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Q: Do people really use this thing?
Yes. As of 2014 I've been creating and shipping Monkey Rocker™ sex machines all over the world for 10 years. Whether you're a man or woman you'll find that it provides the kind of penetrative sexual satisfaction that usually requires a partner, without the inconvenience or risk. Since it is a machine, it can provide an amount or duration of stimulation that most partners cannot. And since you decide how well endowed it is with your choice of dildo, you can enjoy whatever degree of fullness you want.

To see what our users have to say about it, check out our Reviews pages.

Q: Are you trying to make men obsolete?
Absolutely not. It won't satisfy your need for human contact and companionship. If you are like most of our customers you'll use it to augment or spice up your sex life. You may be surprised to learn that it works great as a supplement to foreplay!

Q: Isn't it just an expensive dildo holder?
Is a car just an expensive form of mechanical legs? Sometimes you want to go farther or faster than you could without the machine. That's why we create and love machines. Convenience and pleasure have become an expected part of modern life. Why leave your sex life behind?

Q: Does it fold up or disassemble for storage?
No. Most people store theirs in a closet under blankets or such, usually in the box it ships in.

Q: What kind of toys can I use with it?
Almost any flexible, flared base toy. Monkey Rocker™ ships with a removable Vac-U-Lock® plug to attach any Vac-U-Lock® dildo. Also included are small, medium and large rubber O-rings which allow mounting of almost any flared base dildo. High quality silicone toys are usually available in a flared base style for use with harnesses. They work great with Monkey Rocker™
. For additional information see our Function: Compatible Toys page.

Q: How hard is it to rock? Do I have to use the handle?
Monkey Rocker™ requires almost no effort to rock. In fact a light push with a finger tip will get it going. You can use the handle to control the motion, though it is not necessary. The machine rocks so easily your feet don't even have to touch the floor. Just shifting the position of your body can make it go.

Q: Does it matter which way I face?
Not at all. You can face the handle, which is like being on top facing your partner, or you can face away from the handle, which is like doggie style. Some people prefer one or the other, most enjoy both. Many dildos have a bend which can face forward or back. By changing the way you face, and/or the way the dildo faces you can easily create a variety of sensations.

Vac-U-Lock® is a registered trademark of Doc Johnson Enterprises

Q: How much weight can it support?
Monkey Rocker™ can safely and easily support users up to 450 pounds.

Q: How big is it/how much does it weigh?
Monkey Rocker™ is smaller and shorter than it looks in pictures. The cushions at their widest point are 16 inches wide. At the narrowest point the cushions are 14 inches wide. The tops of the cushions are 16 inches from the floor. Length is just over 23 inches.

It weighs just 25 pounds and is easy to carry by the integrated handles on the cradle sides. The shape is not just sexy, it's useful too!

Q: Can it be used with a vibrator?
One of the big advantages of the Monkey Rocker™ is that it frees up your hands for other fun things like vibrators or partners or both. Perhaps you love a vibrator for clitoral stimulation. If you also like simultaneous penetration and don't have a partner to handle that part, it can become quite an excercise in coordination to get just the sensation you want. With Monkey Rocker™ on the job, the thrusting part becomes so simple and easy you can really give your clit or cock the attention it deserves!

Q: Am I too large (or too small) for the Monkey Rocker™?
Anyone between 4 feet 9 inches and 6 feet 11 inches weighing less than 450 pounds will fit. Extremely long or extremely short legs might require some additional accommodation. If your legs are too long for ideal positioning you may want to use yours on a small platform. If your legs are too short for seating comfort, you may want to wear high heels or use books or some other platform for each foot. Remember though, your feet don't have to touch the floor to use it.

Q: How much does shipping cost?
$50.00 in the continental U.S.

Q: Do you ship the Monkey Rocker™ to countries outside the U.S.?
Yes, we do. But because of a wide range of destinations we can't be very specific about how much shipping to your country will cost, or how long it will take to arrive. Generally speaking, expect to spend around $80.00 to Canada, $160.00 to Europe, $600.00 to Australia, etc.

Q: How big is the box it ships in, and is it marked in any way?
The shipping box is 24inches x 18inches x 20inches. Boxes are marked only with your address.

Q: Will I have to assemble it?
No. Your Monkey Rocker™ ships fully assembled. All you need are a few moments to attach your favorite toy and you're ready to rock!

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