Monkey Rocker™

Lightweight and
compact (25 lbs)
means it's easy
to carry and store

No electricity or
complicated setup

Completely silent
ensuring privacy

Thrusting controlled
entirely by you

You can easily
vary the sensation

to bring yourself to
orgasm as quickly or
slowly as you like

Perfect for anal play
because it's so easy
to control. No worry
about unwanted pain
or health risks

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Function Function
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Standard Monkey Rocker

The standard Monkey Rocker™ comes with an attractive, durable,
powder coated finish. This is a great choice for most people, but
if you are looking for something very personalized or extraordinary,
want something that's equal parts art and sex, or just have to have
a custom color, you should consider a custom Monkey Rocker.™

The Monkey Rocker™ shown to the right is the original concept prototype
featuring the automotive kandy urethane finish (available in virtually
any color imaginable), followed by several clear coats which are
then hand-sanded and hand-polished. While certainly the most
beautiful Monkey Rocker™ finish choice, only you can decide
if it’s worth the $1,500 upgrade. If you intend to use yours
as a conversation piece or give it as a special occasion
gift, we highly recommend it.

If you’re especially fond of flip flop paint, (color shifts depending on how the
light strikes), you can have yours finished that way, but the paint itself is
very expensive, so flip flop is a $2,500 upgrade.

At the high end, a Monkey Rocker™ made with high ply-density plywood with
exotic veneers is a combination of art and heirloom quality furniture. Unlike
regular plywood, high ply density plywood has 12 to 14 plies in 3/4”, and no
voids to mar the edges after machining. On your custom Monkey Rocker™
these tight ply edges become a symphony of sensuous, curvy stripes. With
your choice of beautiful book-matched exotic veneers on both sides of each
piece, and finished with your choice of translucent stain colors, multiple coats
of hand-rubbed clear, and several special leather cushion cover choices, you’ll
enjoy looking at it perhaps even more than using it. Depending on veneer choice,
this Monkey Rocker™ will cost from $2,950 to $3,450.

These custom Monkey Rocker™ choices are hand-crafted and hand-finished personally
and entirely by the inventor. It's a painstaking and time-consuming process, and the
extraordinary appearance and rarity of each machine makes them expensive, but
likely to appreciate in value as collectors items.

If a special custom Monkey Rocker™ sounds like something you
would like to have, send us an e-mail at
or call 661-395-1300 and we can discuss options, price and schedule.