Monkey Rocker™

Lightweight and
compact (25 lbs)
means it's easy
to carry and store

No electricity or
complicated setup

Completely silent
ensuring privacy

Thrusting controlled
entirely by you

You can easily
vary the sensation

to bring yourself to
orgasm as quickly or
slowly as you like

Perfect for anal play
because it's so easy
to control. No worry
about unwanted pain
or health risks

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In an age of fads and increasing disposability, you deserve pleasure and products that last. The money you spend on entertainment is an investment in your happiness. When it comes to return on investment, perhaps nothing beats a good chocolate bar.

But your Monkey Rocker™ comes close. And doesn't vanish every time you enjoy it. We're proud that our machine offers you such strong, basic, lasting goodness. In a chaotic, electronic world where satisfaction is so fleeting, your Monkey Rocker™ is stubbornly simple, absolutely analog, relentlessly satisfying, and made to last.

From the first moment of inspiration that led up to the original design idea and scale model proof-of-concept in 2002, to the first full size prototype in late 2003, through the start of production in 2004 and right up to relaunching production in July of 2013 I've obsessively focused on creating something of high quality and lasting value.

That focus has meant countless hundreds of hours obsessing over details and improvements. This is one monkey that has definitely evolved!

Starting almost immediately after I showed the world this simple but wonderful idea back in 2004, there have been numerous imitations of varying degrees of quality and refinement, but none that I know of have come close to the level of quality and beauty that I insist on with every Monkey Rocker™.

I'm thrilled and gratified that people all over the world have invited my machine into their homes and sex lives, and I care deeply that each of them are durable, well-made and trustworthy as well as lustworthy.

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