To reserve yours and secure your place in the queue, click the appropriate deposit button above, and I will put your order on the books.

Because these machines are truly made to order, your deposit is non-refundable, and you must be willing to wait at least 16 weeks or more before it will be ready to ship.

I will email an order confirmation and inquire as to your finish preferences, colors, etc.

Once your Monkey Rocker™ is nearing completion, I will invoice you for the final balance due, and once paid, your new machine will ship out shortly after.

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Special Request
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As I explain on the main page, I am now moving into a new phase with this Monkey Rocker™ adventure, and although I love hand-crafting these fine machines, I will only have time to create a few each year by special order.

I am crafting the new version using the same care as always, and once again doing all the upholstery myself, as well as the finish routing, all of the sanding, assembly, packaging and shipping.

Each machine will be made to order, with your choice of colors. Prices start at $3,000 plus shipping for the Solo.

I know that can seem expensive, especially compared to the cheap imitators.

If you have the means, and appreciate the obsession and attention to detail I lavished on this design, and the care and quality that I personally am crafting into each of these new machines, the new Monkey Rockers still represent an excellent value and investment in your pleasure for many years to come.

Wait times will likely be at least 16 weeks, and quite possibly longer, so if you would like to be one of the very few each year who will receive one of these special machines hand made by me, don't expect to be in a hurry.

I promise the wait will be worth it.