Monkey Rocker™

Lightweight and
compact (25 lbs)
means it's easy
to carry and store

No electricity or
complicated setup

Completely silent
ensuring privacy

Thrusting controlled
entirely by you

You can easily
vary the sensation

to bring yourself to
orgasm as quickly or
slowly as you like

Perfect for anal play
because it's so easy
to control. No worry
about unwanted pain
or health risks

The Monkey Rocker™ Solo™ is ready to rock your world for $1,500.00 plus shipping

MDF wood parts stained black and urethane clear-coated.

Black powder-coated steel frame. with nickel and stainless hardware.

Black cushions

Vac-U-Lock® plug for use with any Vac-U-Lock® dildo.
Also small, medium, and large hard rubber o-rings
to attach any flared base dildo.

Vac-U-Lock® is a registered trademark of Doc Johnson Enterprises

Construction Construction
Function Function
Reviews Reviews Reviews

Obviously, you deserve all the pleasure you can get. But human partners can sometimes let you down. If you find yourself wishing your lover or lovers were more dependable or more available, may we suggest one that will get you off anytime, every time.

Monkey Rocker™ is one of the best innovations in self-pleasuring since the vibrator. It's a rocking seat with a special pivoting thrust arm assembly which holds and thrusts a wide variety of dildos.

Though it can't hug you back, or cuddle, it's perfectly understandable for you to develop feelings for your Monkey Rocker.™ After all, from the moment you remove it from the unmarked box it arrives in, your Monkey Rocker™ is ready and eager to please you. Just attach your favorite dildo, and it's ready to play.

In fact, with no motors to plug in or breakdown, your Monkey Rocker™ is always ready to play. You and your fantasies are in complete control. Monkey Rocker™ relies entirely on your movement to do all of its thrusting. You set the pace. Quick short strokes, long and deep, or anything in between. It's all about you. No guilt, no risk, no one's getting hurt.

This is going to be one relationship with NO learning curve. With its wide, stable base, and smooth gliding movement, you're going to feel right at home from the first time you climb on. Settle in, grab the handle if you want, then grab yourself or your magic wand or a nearby human partner, anything you have in mind, Monkey Rocker™ is ready to deliver. YOU can scream if you like, but Monkey Rocker™ won't make a sound. If you can keep YOUR sound level down, total privacy is yours.

And when you're done, you're done. That's it.

Your Monkey Rocker™ doesn't have any expectations. Your Monkey Rocker™ will never berate you for taking too long, coming too soon, leaving suddenly, staying out all night, talking too much, drinking too much or seeing other machines. And no matter how big or small it is, your Monkey Rocker™ loves your ass. Back it on up. Bring it on. You never have to wonder what it REALLY thinks of you; your Monkey Rocker™ LOVES you! And is always ready to prove it.


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